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Toddler Curriculum
Curriculum Goals for SPP Toddler Classes

Emotional Growth
  • Provide safe, healthy, secure, welcoming environment away from home.
  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere of joy and warmth for the child.
  • Nurture and become a significant, consistent adult in child’s life.
  • Create an environment that encourages curiosity and exploration.
  • Provide experiences to increase child’s sense of competence.
  • Provide experiences to develop qualities of responsibility, initiative.

Cognitive Growth

  • Provide activities to promote language development.
  • Provide activities to promote sequencing skills.
  • Provide opportunities to learn expressive language through singing songs or saying fingerplays, conversation, role playing, pretend and dramatic play, peer interaction, and circle time.
  • Provide activities to promote visual discrimination with colors and matching colors, simple objects or pictures.
  • Invite interest in books and reading by reading, encouraging children to hold and explore books, and to “read” using pictures and memory.
  • Provide opportunities to express self through music, art, movement.
  • Provide opportunities to begin learning Spanish.

Social Growth

  • Encourage beginning cooperative play, sharing, and taking turns.
  • Encourage independence (leaves parent comfortably).
  • Encourage sharing of adults with other children.
  • Encourage responsibility for maintaining classroom environment.
  • Encourage respect for authority, property, and the rights of others.

Physical Growth

  • Provide activities to promote large muscle development.
  • Provide activities to promote small muscle development and eye-hand.
  • Demonstrate and encourage good habits of health and safety.

Spiritual Growth

  • Encourage and model being a good friend, showing love for one another.
  • Encourage and model consciousness of God, exploration of God’s world.
  • Introduce rituals of thankfulness.
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