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Enrichment Opportunities
Enrichment Opportunities
Included in your child's weekly preschool activities are classes in music, storytelling, PE, and Spanish.  We have "Thankful Circle" once each month when we sing songs and tell the children a story with a good moral lesson or value.  We also offer "Share Your Light", a program where invited guests come in to share their creative talent, profession, skill, etc.

SPP is committed to building each child’s self-esteem and helping each child to develop verbal skills. Show-and-Tell is designed to facilitate growth in these two critical areas. Teachers of children ages two through four will communicate their Show-and-Tell schedules after school has begun.

Extracurricular Activities
We are pleased to offer Little Champ Sports, pre-ballet and tap-ballet classes by Creative Movement & Dance, Inc. after school on specific weekdays. For more information, call (678)482-2264 or visit their website at www.CreativeMovementandDance.com.

Sharing Programs and Family Dinners
It is SPP’s tradition to invite our families twice each year to come share in an evening of music and movement. In November, our twos, threes, and fours will participate, with the toddlers joining in the Spring program. We also gather for school-wide potluck lunches at Thanksgiving and the last day of school.
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